Rates: $350 for the first two hours (two hour minimum) 

$100 for each additional hour


Please note, your card will be charged $1 upon completion of your reservation. This is a nonrefundable authorization fee.



To check or modify an existing reservation enter the info below or follow the reservation ID link in your confirmation email

 Reservation ID

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 Cancellation Policy.

Feel free to book your Hot Tub Boat Rental as soon as 12 hours prior online and up to 1 year in advance.

Rentals cancelled within 7 days of their scheduled rental time will be charged a $150 cancellation fee.

Rentals cancelled within the last 48 hours of their scheduled rental time will be charged the full amount of the scheduled rental.

If booked 7 days or less than scheduled rental time there is a 12 hour cancellation grace period.

At Hot Tub Boat Rentals, we understand that, sometimes, life can get in the way. Therefore, we understand that extenuating circumstances are unavoidable and we try to be as accommodating and understanding as possible.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to us with an email.

Lastly, Hot Tub Boat Rentals has one, limiting factor; weather.  We can control quite a bit (including the 104 degree tub water!) but, we can not control Mother Nature.  We continually monitor the weather and, during windy forecasts each morning.  If the wind is predicted to blow more than a force 4, greater than 16 kts, Hot Tub Boating becomes less fun.  22 kts of wind is the lower threshold for a small craft advisory.

Our main goal is to get you out in a Hot Tub Boat for a memorable, fun and, most importantly, SAFE experience.  When winds are forecast to exceed safe/comfortable operating levels we will email you the morning of your rental (so make sure you gave us your most accessed email address!)to keep you informed. We will push the limits and wait as long as possible,in hopes the wind lessens, before cancelling your rental.  Therefore, we must reserve the right to cancel reservations within two hours because of inclement weather conditions (high winds, lightning, hail, etc.).


Let’s be honest; there is quite a bit of effort that goes into preparing your Hot Tub Boat rental.

Aside from making sure the tub is full, hot with 104 degree water, and sparkling clean!  We also make sure the batteries are topped up and the boat is ready to go.

Remember, unlike a traditional boat rental, there is no need to top off the tanks with gas after your day on the water.  That means the “gas” is already included in your rental!