Our primary goal at Hot Tub Boats is for you to have a unique, enjoyable, one-of a kind experience! That being said, we ask persons to please be respectful of Seattle’s waterways, other boaters, and the live aboard houseboat communities.

At any time during your rental experience, you may radio the Hot Tub Boat staff available with a speed boat for emergencies and towing.


1. All persons using the Hot Tub Boat do so at their own risk and must sign Assumption of Risk and Liability Release prior to use. Therefore, no extra persons may join hot tub boat rental if they did not leave from the Hot Tub Boat Rental facility.
2. No more than six persons aboard the boat at any time.
3. No barbequing from the boats.
4. Hot tub boaters may not go past the Fremont Bridge or enter the Montlake Cut as depicted on the map.
5. Renters must refrain from nudity or overt displays of affection.
6. Boat will not be operated in a careless or unlawful manner, sub-rented, loaned, operated by a person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or unfamiliar with its care and operation, or beached (other than an emergency.)
7. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the boat at all times.
8. Renter shall not allow anyone under 18 years to operate a Hot Tub Boat; anyone under 12 years must wear a life jacket at all times.
9. In the event of lightening, the boat must be returned to the dock immediately.
10. All persons must remain inside the boat’s hot tub while the boat is moving, use caution and enter and exit hot tub slowly.
11. Glass is prohibited at all times on the boat.
12. Elderly persons, pregnant women, persons with heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, or any serious illness, should consult a doctor before use.
13. Hot Tub Boat Rentals, reserves the right to retake possession of said boat and equipment at any time without demand at Renter’s expense if the boat and/or equipment is used in violation of this agreement, any law, or is apparently abandoned.
14. Renter is liable for any loss or damage to this boat and its accessories and any “excessive” cleaning necessary after use.
15. If the rental Hot Tub Boat is returned more than 20 minutes late, the rental will risk deposit forfeiture. We also ask any late parties to radio Hot Tub Boats Staff and let them know of their whereabouts.
16.  Persons are advised to read all printed restrictions and the liability waiver, before agreeing to a Hot Tub Boat Rental.


Failure to abide by these regulations may result in forfeiture of your rental and its associated costs. . . That wouldn’t be fun for anyone.